Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get Gigabit Speeds at YOUR Home

You may have missed it, but a couple months ago, Chanute announced it would spend $13 Million in public funds to build a fiber-to-the home network.

Looks like parts of it are already up and running. The speedtest below is between our newest sorority customer, Alpha Chi Omega and Chanute Kansas.

Right now Lawrence is 27th in the state for Internet speeds, despite hosting one of the fastest ISPs in the United States.

Simply put this is because Wicked cannot access the capital it needs to expand this service to every resident. We are too small for Wall Street to have interest and FDIC won't let Main St. banks lend with a network as collateral.

If you want this kind of service at your home, please come out and support us at City Hall on Sept 9 at 6:30 PM. All we are asking for is a loan guarantee - a mechanism that allows us to use the Bank's money on advantageous terms to build a network for our entire community to use.