Friday, December 20, 2013

Target Credit Card Breach

Target's national point of sale system was compromised and carders stole magstrip data and PIN numbers for 40,000,000 credit and debit cards.

This isn't some online store hack where all they got was the credit card numbers.  They got complete mag strip data and PIN numbers.  Everything they need to clone the cards and use them.

This means that bad guys can print a duplicate card then use the PIN to take cash from victim accounts at ATM machines.

They can also clone the cards and use them as credit cards to purchase stuff from the Internet and in person.

If you purchased anything at Target between November 28 and December 15, you need to report your card stolen and get a new card.

The data is already hitting carder markets and bad guys are stealing funds.

I had to cancel my USAA card because I bought my daughter's new scooter on Dec 3 at Target.

Please take this seriously.  Don't be a victim of data theft.