Friday, April 5, 2013

New - Faster - Bandwidth Management Coming Soon

After several thoughtful e-mail exchanges with one of our customers we have decided to change our bandwidth management rules.

It has been a couple years since we updated our bandwidth management software (how I love you iptables and tc), so after our customer brought the subject up, we examined them and we feel they are too restrictive.

We will be developing a proposed strategy for managing egregious usage (i.e. you can't cap your connection 24x7 for $38.98/Mo, it will trash everyone's Internet), then we'll trot it out to our members and see what you think.

The goal is to make more bandwidth available to everyone.

Implantation is dependent on how much time I have to chase through the changes.  I'm going to aim for July 1, but please don't hold me to it.